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TeamSystem Communication (trading name for VOIspeed Ltd) is part of the TeamSystem Group. TeamSystem is an Italian public company with a revenue of €260m; 125,000 customers; 1,300 employees and 750 business partners and local offices. As TeamSystem’s business communications arm, we are committed through long-term R&D investment, to growing VOIspeed as a technology ensuring our clients stay competitive as a result. Based in St. Albans (UK), we sell and distribute VOIspeed to all clients and resellers in the UK and other countries outside of Italy. We help businesses become more profitable by increasing productivity and efficiency with our proprietary telephone technology. Clients like working with us because, with no intermediaries, we provide a highly responsive service and take responsibility for the entire telephony network.

Our services include:

  • cloud and premises based telephone systems
  • bespoke solutions including CRM and database integration
  • remote offices and home working
  • commercial and technical support
  • UK and international phone numbers (GEO/NGN)
  • fibre and broadband connectivity
  • office cabling and networking
  • number portability


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