Make your business more profitable

Phone systems for small offices

Never miss that important phone call

You cannot afford missing any call really, because each one may be an important sale opportunity. The telephone systems must be able to offer the highest level of service at any point time regardless of volume of traffic.

Not just making and receiving calls

A telephone system is one of the most important assets in your business. It will greet your customers when they first contact you, it will help sales people close contracts and assist your support team answering calls.

Personal service, our technology

We provide a personalised service tailored around your unique business requirements. As we sell our own technology we provide a fast service because there are no intermediaries involved. Furthermore, as we will update your system regularly we ensure you have the latest features making your business ever more competitive.

The video guides below show you how easy is to operate the User Interface of VOIspeed Enterprise

General Overview

Holding and trasfering call

Using your mobile as an office extension

Hold and transfer a phone call with VOIspeed V6

Setting up a conference call

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