To understand how to call forward from the UI, we will start by saying that a call can be forwarded in two ways: with supervision or blind. The difference between the two consists of the fact that in the former the recipient is called and his/her reply is awaited; in the latter the forwarding is done without hearing the interlocutor (indeed blind).


You can use two methods to forward a call with supervision, with the current call active.

The first and simpler one is to use the forward key in line with the call on pause to which you wish to forward the active call.

Alternatively, you can drag the active call (drag & drop from the call box by clicking in a place where there are no buttons) on to the other on hold.
At this point, a box will appear containing three option buttons.

menu_inoltro_Delete Cancel the operation, returning to a status with one active call and one on hold.
menu_inoltro_Forward Forward the call.
menu_inoltro_Conference Create a conference with the two interlocutors.


To forward blind (without supervision), just drag (drag & drop) the active call on to the user receiving the forward.
To do a quick search for the user you can also type their name or surname in the search bar above the user’s box.

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