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Come cambiare l'IP al PC che ospita il PBX
Monitoring E-mail

Email Monitoring allows you to check the correct delivery of mail system (Whether the voicemail to email has been delivered successfully or not).

Monitoring Gateways

To monitor Gateways,go to Monitoring –> Gateways node. The Gateways Monitoring feature allows you to monitor the status of the gateway.

Monitoring Calls

To monitor calls, go to Monitoring –> Calls monitor node. The Calls Monitor tab allows you to monitor the status of active calls.

No audio on VOIspeed IP-6060

Problem: When answers the call Called party can not hear you You can not hear Called party; You and called party can not hear each other at all

User Area FAQ

Introduction : The user area is a useful online portal where you can change the behaviour of your phone and access call reports.

IP headsets VOIspeed V-AT800

IP adapter for V-AT800 headsets This IP adapter for headsets is PoE compatible, it features a LCD display and it ca be connected to a power supply

All the supported firmware for VOIspeed
PBX Installation

The setup file installs all of the necessary components for proper functioning of the VOIspeed 6 PBX. Starting with version 6.3

Utilize the best practice
PBX Best Practice

This is a comprehensive practical guide to configuring the VOIspeed 6 PBX. VOIspeed 6 PBX provides the administrator with a more dynamic

What Best to Buy for your IP Phone
Business grade routers

Business Grade Routers It is very important to get a suitable router if you wish adopt a VOIP system for your business

Reports for calls
Call Reports

Call Reports : Shows list of dialled calls (outgoing) Shows list of received calls Shows list of missed calls Shows voice messages for the user

La GUI appare in primo piano senza motivo
General Calling FAQ

You can make a call from the GUI by double clicking on the desired contact which could be an internal user or a contact from the address book.

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