Monitoring Gateways

To monitor Gateways,go to Monitoring –> Gateways node.

The Gateways Monitoring feature allows you to monitor the status of the gateway. You can see the status of all available gateways on the server.­­­ To configure the gateway click here.


See below field descriptions of Gateway:


Company Shows the name of the company which is associated with the gateway.
Type Shows the type of interface (e.g. VoIP, WAN, ISDN, Analog line, ISDN, and GSM).
Name Shows the name of the Gateway.
Socket Shows the IP address and port assigned to the gateway lines.
Realm Realm is the field used for the authentication by the server. Realm value is extracted from the packets sent by the PBX when it sends the request for the SIP register. If the gateway is not registering then you must check that you are entering the correct realm in the realm field under the Settings à Gateways.
Realm Shows the domain name of the gateway.
Lines Shows how many lines are busy and how many lines are available.
Status Shows the status of the gateway whether it is active  ( indicates active)  or note ( indicates not active).
Remote Shows the login status of the gateway to the Server (e.g. server is connected to another WAN PBX).
Enabled Shows whether the gateway is enabled or disabled.
Display/hide shared users This option is valid for the WAN route if you have this set up on the PBX. You can see or hide the shared VOIspeed 6 PBX users over the WAN route by clicking on the user plus/ user minus icons. Once you click on the user plus icon then you will be able to see the information related to the user such as department, name and status etc.
Diagnostics By clicking on the diagnostic icon  you can go directly to the diagnostic of the gateway page.
Actions By clicking the magnifying lenses you can access more details about the gateway.

The users monitoring page provides you advanced search option which allows you to filter out the users based on their department, name, extension or status.

Field Description
Type: Select the type of gateway from the drop down list e.g. VoIP, WAN, ISDN, GSM etc.
Name: Enter the name of the gateway that you want to filter out.
State: Select the state of gateway from Yes or No.

By default gateway monitoring page is set to static and it does not refresh by itself. However if you want the gateway monitoring page to be refreshed automatically then you can enable auto refresh by clicking on the auto refresh icon   . Once auto refresh is enabled then you can disable it by clicking on the auto refresh icon  again .

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