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UCloud – Call pickup


Why use Call pickup?


When you have multiple users that are ringing in the office and want to pick up the call for specific user. You can do this using two methods. One by the handset and typing in the Service numbers shown below or by searching the user the call is attempting to ring using the client. Right-click the user’s name and call pickup option will be available (as shown in picture on the right).


When can you use call pickup?


Depending on the Department the User is in, determines how you would pickup the call. For users not in the same department you would need to know the extension number of the ringing phone.

You can assign the department on the User set-up page.


Using the Handset


The following service numbers on your handset:

*84 + extension number: Generic pick up (i.e. you are able to pick up calls from any extension as long as you know which phone is ringing)

*91 : Pick up call within the same department

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