Pick up a call

To pick a phone call from an extension that is ringing (the edge of the corresponding user is orange), right click on the user icon and then click on the pick- up icon from the GUI. The call will be automatically directed to your communication device GUI button pick call.

If you have multiple users that are ringing in the office and want to pick up the call for specific user then you can search the user by typing the name or surname in the search field.

The Administrator of the PBX can restrict the user to pick up the call for their groups only or completely disable the call pick up function for the user. If a user is restricted to only one group then they will not be able to pick up the calls from any other group. If the user call pick up functionality has been disabled by an administrator, then user will not be able to pick up the call at all.

Pick up call from IP device:
Users can also pick calls from SIP devices using service codes. This allows the user to pick up calls even if they do not have a GUI.

There are two ways of picking up calls using SIP devices:

Call pick-up (internal): This allows you to pick up calls from active ringing phones. If there are more than two phones that are ringing then Call pick up will accept the call that started ringing first. You can only pick up calls for your department users. The default service code for call pick up is 984.

Call pick-up (general): This allows you to pick up the call for a specific ringing user. You can do this by dialing the service code number followed by the user’s extension number.

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