Polycom 6060 – VOIspeed UCloud Configuration

Logging into your Polycom’s GUI

Log into your Polycom’s GUI interface via the associated IP Address by pressing “Menu -> Status -> Network -> TCP/IP Parameters”

Now access your web browser and enter the IP address inside the web URL section.

Prompted to login you can gather these details from us at VOIspeed


SIP Settings : 

Click settings & then SIP. Inside the filed “Digitmap Impossible Match” enter “2” (by default this value is set to 0)

Remove all the data if any inside the “Digitmap” so it should display as a clear white box


Application Settings

click settings & then Applications. Enable “offhook” (3rd box from the far right hand side)
To the left hand side you need to enter the following information


(what’s what) http://your-UCloudIP:Port number/Polycom?yourextension@your ucloud domain

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