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UCloud Voicemails ( Settings -> Voicemails)


UCloud Voicemail has introduced a great feature: the ability to manage company voicemails on a single computer.

To access this hover on settings and click “Voicemails” on the drop-down.

Voicemail feature allows the user to access a storage of messages sent to a number.


Voicemail management


You can view all the voicemails created for company use. You cannot see the personal voicemails here. The information shown for a voicemail is the Name, Number for direct access, Owner, Administrator, Action and Add voicemail.


Add voicemails


Creating new voicemails will require relevant information to be filled.

Company – This will be auto filled with the company linked with your domain

Name – Enter a name for your voicemails

Number for direct access – 6 digit number for access

Welcome message – There are two options below:

  • Default or recorded by the user – You can upload a file directly from an extension
  • File – You can upload the file but must be a wave file (8kHz, 16bit, mono)


Email – Email address of the user

Owner – Anyone who wants notification of voicemails

Enable sending emails to the owner – Enable or disable notifications going to “Owner” emails

Administrator – A secondary user who wants notification of voicemails

Enable sending emails to the service provider – Enable or disable notifications going to “Administrator” emails

CC – Recipients Carbon Copy (others who require notifications)

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