VOIspeed UCloud App

The VOIspeed APP can be downloaded from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.  The app can only be used with extensions created on VOIspeed Cloud.

On startup, you will see a window to enter the user name and password stored on the PBX phone system when your extension was created (or that which you have personalised/ changed after the first login on your User Interface).  With this information, the APP connects to the PBX UCloud and allows integration with itself and with your colleagues using similar instruments to those available in the User Interface (UI).

The first window after the App login will show you a series of icons illustrating the features available when using this mobile extension.

In practice, the APP is made up of a collection of widgets; every widget has a function (or several functions) just like those that you are familiar with using on the UI.

The characteristics of the mobile device used required us to modify the management of these features on specific interfaces.  Below we illustrate these features and their specific uses:

  • Phone widget identified by the icon is obviously for all those functions linked to the phone. These include user lists; phone book; list of calls made and keypad for making specific calls not linked to the previous ones. For further information, click here.
  • Chat widget identified by the icon has the Chat history feature activated already. This button enables you to start new or group chats.  For further information, click here.

The bar above is fixed and is shown on all the windows, with the following features:

User status:  the icon with user status is clickable and allows you to choose your current status (Present, Do Not Disturb, or Absent) or Log Out;

User info:  where the name; and extension of the user is listed;

Device in use: displays the mobile/ smartphone device currently in use.

Settings icon: provides access to additional settings menu from which you can:

  • Edit the device used for an outgoing call;
  • Reject the call on busy;
  • Use the mobile for direct incoming calls;
  • Use the mobile for incoming calls received when belonging to a group.
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