How to view the list of all missed activity notifications on your UI – Notification Centre

In this article we will see how to retrieve the list of all missed notifications of your UI; the UI has many features that help in corporate communication and for each of them, in addition to recording the activity performed, it takes care of notifying any lost actions. The notification centre is a panel that opens laterally to the UI by clicking on the appropriate icon which also has a label containing the updated number of new notifications not yet eliminated or managed. If we hear new notifications to display, the icon will light up and flash.

In particular, from its own UI it is possible to recover notifications for:

  1. expired call reminders
  2. missed calls
  3. new messages in chat not yet read
  4. voicemail messages not yet listened to.

Messages in this section are clickable and allow retrieval of messages action lost by opening the relevant section in its own UI; in particular, with regards to lost reminders, clicking on the notification will open a dialogue to manage the expired activity (see: How to create and manage a call reminder).

Notifications are grouped by category; it is, therefore, possible to delete the single notification or group of notifications by category using the relative x.

The top x allows instead to close the notifications panel.


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