The User Monitoring section lets you see the current status of users of the server. It will also display other information such as the department to which they belong, their personal data (name, surname, extension), and the terminals associated with them.



The states are coded based on a colored sticker:

  • GREEEN: Active and free terminal
  • GREY: Terminal not authenticated on the PBX (disconnected or with incorrect credentials)
  • RED: Busy. The number of calls in progress is also shown on the sticker
  • ORANGE: Ringing phase. The number of calls in progress is also shown on the sticker



The GUI can manage up to 4 terminals. The icons that can be displayed are explained below.

GUI of the active user
The user has also associated a mobile number with his personal data
The user has a USB audio device
The user has a SIP audio device (an IP phone, or an analog phone connected to a SIP adapter)
The user has a DECT device

Moving the mouse over the icons that represent the terminals, you will see more information (as also happens in the GUI). If the terminal is a SIP type (IP phone, DECT, analog on SIP adapter), it will be possible to click on the icon to access for more detailed information.



It is possible to directly access the diagnostics information (if activated) of the last two days of activity, of a single user by clicking directly on the button diag associated with them. The information shown in the diagnostics will be congruent with the configuration of the package dump details in the Configuration -> Company -> General Settings (accessible as a super-admin) section.

The monitoring page is static by default. To activate the automatic update (every 2 seconds) click on the buttonrefresh32-on refresh (initially gray) at the top of the page.

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