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Here you can download documents, software and firmware:

Marketing Material:

UCloud GUI Quick Guide

Resellers Marketing Pack

Please make sure you are running the correct version of firmware on the Phone you are currently using.

The list below includes the files required to keep your phone in check and running properly.

Yealink Firmware

Yealink T19
Yealink T19 E2
Yealink T20
Yealink T21 E2
Yealink T22
Yealink T23G
Yealink T27P
Yealink T28
Yealink T42G
Yealink T46G
Yealink w52P
Yealink w52H

VOIspeed GUI/Server/Intrusion

UCloud User Interface (UI)

VOIspeed Ver 6.8.1 (GUI)

VOIspeed Ver 6.8.1 (Intrusion)

VOIspeed Ver 6.8.1 (Server setup)

Team Viewer Deployments (Remote connection)

Version 11


Version 12


Other downloads:

Sennheiser Drivers/Software

Sennheiser USB Headset Driver 2.7.0

Platronics USB Headset Driver :

Platronics Spokes USB Headset Driver

PC Tools/Software

IP Scanner

SIP ALG Tester

eVault Client
eVault Client

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