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GDPR Panel – overview

In this article we will give a general overview of the GDPR panel looking at the specific elements to change in order to customise all privacy and data processing settings.

GDPR Panel – permissions

In this article we will see how it is possible to personalise all permissions related to users accounts. In the section Configuration–>GDPR, selecting the…

GDPR Panel – reporting

In this article we show the setting required to personalise how call reporting and call recordings are displayed. In the section Configuration–>GDPR, selecting…

GDPR Panel – data portability

In this article we will see how it is possible to guarantee the data portability and the right to be forgotten on all data stored in the VOIspeed PBX.

Use your smartphone
VOIspeed UCloud App

The VOIspeed APP can be downloaded from the app store from whichever device you use (whether Apple or Android)

Come scegliere le impostazioni di gestione della chiamata sulla propria UI
VOIspeed V6 Video Guides

Documentation on how to use our VOIspeed GUI software application to make your life and calls at the work place easier..

Port Openings V4 & V6

The listed port openings are required for VOIspeed to function, On Site PBX scenarios any firewall/router needs to be configured with..

Answer, Reject or End a Call

The GUI displays the list of devices associated with user in the top left corner of the GUI. Please see the description of the devices

V6 Changelog

This page shows all of the latest updates that R&D have made to the VOIspeed PBX with all the release notes

Make a call

You can make a call from the GUI by double clicking on the desired contact which could be an internal user or a contact from the address book

Groups and Departments

You can access the all departments on the GUI by clicking on the group icon at the top left corner of the GUI.

FIrewall Ports Setup
Configuring User Accounts

To access the configuration of GUI click on the setting icon Settings Vert of the configuration and then click on the User section from the top menu

State of the GUI

You can select the state of the GUI by clicking on the drop down menu in the top left hand corner of the GUI

Pick up a call

To pick a call from an extension that is ringing (the edge of the corresponding user is orange), right click on the user icon

Gigaset N300
Overview of the GUI

The VOIspeed 6 Graphical User Interface (GUI) is a centralised control application which manages user communication devices

All the supported firmware for VOIspeed
Download Library

The VOIspeed APP can be downloaded from the app store from whichever device you use (whether Apple or Android)

How to install mySQL
How to install mySQL

Go here and download the latest “mysql-installer-web-community-x.x.xx.x.msi” file (currently mysql-installer-web-community-

Call Analyser

You can generate regular reports sent by email or display a dashboard for your sales team using the integration with reporting tools

Who called Whom

This feature is helpful to the user when they receive incoming calls from external numbers. This feature allows the user to see the list

The GUI pops up on screen

If your GUI pops us on screen for no reason (i.e. you have not received calls or made calls, or touched the phone at all), your extension…


In case of our VOIspeed application is not installed or we would like to have a quick access to our phones, users, voicemail etc…

Click to Dial

The Click to Dial function allows you to dial a number directly from the GUI without needing to answer the call first from the phone.

Audio quality issues

If you are an experiencing audio quality issues such as metallic echo or silence then there is possibility that some of the RTP…

Firewall in VOIP

A Windows Firewall has very important role in VOIP telephony. It should make a job harder for the attacker who wants to compromise particular…

Business Grade Routers

A Windows Firewall has very important role in VOIP telephony. It should make a job harder for the attacker who wants to compromise particular…

VOIspeed – Company Setup

To configure the Company, go to Settings –> Companies node. The Company management tab allows you to view all active companies on the…

Monitoring Synchronization

To go to Synchronization Monitoring, go to Monitoring –> Synchronization node. A new functionality introduced with this new VOIspeed…

monitoring system
Monitoring System

At its launch, the PBX proceeds with the initialization of a set of interfaces required for its operation and functioning of the communication

Come cambiare l'IP al PC che ospita il PBX
Monitoring E-mail

Email Monitoring allows you to check the correct delivery of mail system (Whether the voicemail to email has been delivered successfully or not).

Monitoring Gateways

To monitor Gateways,go to Monitoring –> Gateways node. The Gateways Monitoring feature allows you to monitor the status of the gateway.

Monitoring Calls

To monitor calls, go to Monitoring –> Calls monitor node. The Calls Monitor tab allows you to monitor the status of active calls.

No audio on VOIspeed IP-6060

Problem: When answers the call Called party can not hear you You can not hear Called party; You and called party can not hear each other at all

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