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VOIspeed App

The VOIspeed APP can be downloaded from the app store from whichever device you use (whether Apple or Android)


By default this displays voicemails report received for the current day. Clicking on the advanced search bar allows you to modify the settings of the list.


When a call is in progress you can record the conversation with the other party (call recording).  To record simply click the call recording button.

How to park a call from the UI

The parked call is placed in an area of ​​the PBX available to all users who can retrieve them at any time. Users are able to see calls parked in their UI.

Broadcast announcements from your own UI

In this article, you can see how to broadcast announcements from your own VOIspeed User Interface, reproducing a message on different devices and locations at the same time. The user can enable this feature  (see VOIspeed user settings ) from the Settings section accessible from…

How to retrieve notes and scheduled calls on a contact

The basic idea is similar to that of a CRMs for which you can retrieve details of a company contact, calls and notes linked to that contact.  As VOIspeed UCloud is a telephony platform, this mini CRM focuses on calls. To see the phone activity…

In this section we will see how to select settings for managing calls on your own UI; this enables you to personalise the behaviour of the communication devices connected to your UI when a call comes in. Clicking on the icon gives access to the settings...
How to create and view notes for a call

Here you will learn how to use the note service to either add a new note to a call or find a notes already created. This is a note that allows you to retrieve the topic of the call or keep a small.diary of communications…

How to access your call statistics

To access and download the statistics of your calls on the UI, click on the Reports TAB.and choose the list of calls you would like to analyse. (using the keys for incoming calls, calls made and lost call) By clicking on the button it you…

How to call from the UI using a specific line
When you want to use a specific telephone line (a specific gateway) to make a call to an external number, select it from the list of lines available at the bottom of the UI VOIspeed call panel. To select it just click on the star...
How to monitor the activity of a hunt group from your own UI
To use a hunt group the phone system administrator must enable the user (see Creating and configuring Users). From your own UCloud you can view in real time the traffic and activity of the individual components of the phone system response groups simply by referring...
VOIspeed User Interface with third-party software

The integration between the VOIspeed telephone (UI) and third-party SW, via our Integra software, allows  you to personalise your phone system with bespoke software. Integra In this section, you can integrate external programs by passing some parameters in conjunction with particular events. Through Integra and…

Business Continuity
By using divert you can move calls arriving at your own extension to another PBX extension, an external  number or your own mobile (for more information consult the page call actions). The status is notified by the GUI to the user in the way indicated by...

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