V6 Changelog

Change log VOIspeed 6

VOIspeed 6.7.13
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Solved a problem about auto provisioning IP terminal
VOIspeed 6.7.13
Fixed on PBX
– Error in valuation on hold time in call report
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Provisioning upload
– Incoming/outgoing icon in call report
– Diagnostic date/hour filters doesn\’t work
Fixed on User Area
– During a closure configuration the user has always an error about the presence of an audio device
VOIspeed 6.7.12
Added on PBX
– Super-admin password recovery application
Fixed on PBX
– Problems on new company creation
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Localized strings
– Problems on changing default value of password validity period
VOIspeed 6.711
Fixed on WEB Config
– Problems on creating new administrator
– Problems on creating and routing new company number
– Problems on uploading .csv file to add phonebook contacts
VOIspeed 6.7.9
Fixed on WEB Config
– Doesn\’t create provisioning files
– Problems on new user creation
VOIspeed 6.7.8
Fixed on GUI
– GUI upgrade doesn\’t work in some configurations
VOIspeed 6.7.7
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Problem on recovery user password when company setting for duration of password validity is Always
VOIspeed 6.7.6
Added on WEB Configurator
– GDPR section
– User Profiles
– Log management
Added on GUI/UseraArea
– Password Recovery
VOIspeed 6.6.26
Fixed on PBX
– Minor call engine adjustments
– Group calls queue can generate a call cut off
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Sub-administrator profile can manage user list in Group configuration even if it hasn\’t user management capability
VOIspeed 6.6.24
Fixed on PBX
– Problem on on hold calls management using \”Notify of position in queue\” option
– Stability improvements
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Fix call analyser results in User Calls analysis
Fixed on GUI
– Problems with last release of ATI Radeon drivers
VOIspeed 6.6.22
Fixed on PBX
– Less CPU usage
VOIspeed 6.6.21
Fixed on PBX
– No audio on call divert on WAN route
VOIspeed 6.6.20
Fixed on PBX
– Improved telephony engine resiliency
Fixed on GUI
– WAN users aren\’t shown in users list to manage call transfer
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Autoprovisioning doesn\’t work with Yealink phones
– Periodic call report exports sent by mail are empty
VOIspeed 6.6.16
Fixed on PBX
– Improved core stability
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Multi-company call analyser shows results of all company
– Group in/out doesn\’t work
VOIspeed 6.6.13
Fixed on PBX
– During Meeting rooms execution PBX doesn\’t work
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Uploading phonebook contacts by .csv file gives a DB error
– IVR doesn\’t accept \’0\’ as comeback key
– Calls with \”No available resources\” aren\’t in call report
Fixed on HTML5 GUI
– GUI doesn\’t work in some WEB browser
VOIspeed 6.6.9
Added on Desktop GUI
– Outlook 2016 and Outlook 365 compatibility
Fixed on PBX
– Group queue doesn\’t work when on hold message is playing
– SSN call forward event doesn\’t work if user forward a call by GUI
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Adding new phonebook contacts doesn\’t work
VOIspeed 6.6.8
Fixed on PBX
– Video calls on WAN don\’t work
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– error on company pick call settings
– case sensitive settings on check company domain
– labels localization
Fixed on GUI
– new link to web manual
VOIspeed 6.6.6
Fixed on PBX
– Call diverting to another user doesn\’t work
– Service number call doesn\’t find right file .wav
– IVR call integration generates some loops
– call_switch_code key is now editable in confPBX.ini file
– In SIP calls, RE-Invite session from carrier doesn\’t work
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Integrate audio player doesn\’t work with admin-user login
– In call analyser tool all call with non answer has ringing time equal to 0
– When you create a new user on PBX, WEB Configurator send an email with a wrong port
– In Gateway monitoring wrong realm doesn\’t appear
Fixed on User area
– Call divert settings don\’t work
VOIspeed 6.6.3
Added on PBX
– Company codec on Company settings
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Some SSN notifications aren\’t displayed on Company settings
Fixed on GUI PC
– After user stand-by status monitor gateway is off line
– Modifying preferred phonebook contact causes contact duplication with MySQL DB
VOIspeed 6.6.2
Fixed on PBX
– License registration/update doesn\’t work on MySQL DB
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Simple administrator configuration doesn\’t have Call Analyzer capability
– Some call in Calls Analyzer doesn\’t show right informations
Fixed on GUI PC
– Notification on call on hold and retrive by device doesn\’t work
– Phonebook visualization doesn\’t work with Outlook contacts with non UTF-8 characters
VOIspeed 6.6.0
Added on PBX
– Dynamic notification group call queue on on hold message
– Call parking and blind call transfer timeout configuration
Added on WEB Configurator
– New Call analyzer in Report menu
– More informations on user settings mail advice
Added on GUI
– Remote assistance link added to GUI icon menu from icontry
– Automatic switching to audio device when on-hook state is recognized
– Special audio notification on call queue
Added on WEB UA
– User capapbility to Group login/logout

VOIspeed 6.5.27

Fixed on WEB Server
– Incompatibility between VOIspeed web Server and Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Fixed on UA (EN Version)
– Filters in callreports don\’t work

VOIspeed 6.5.26

Fixed on PBX
– Improved management of user status update in WAN route connection
– Deleted deadlock on vocalbox management IVR when there are new messages not yet heared
– Improved calls queue management by GUI when main call is closed by device
– Solved race condition with appended call on analogic line managed by V-6019
– Improved management of SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE with memory leakage on PC Server
– On PBX restart user status were setted to FREE when MySQL was used as DB
– Call muted during switch device on GUI

FIxed on Web Configurator
– Company after hours didn\’t work properly with DDI
– Solved problem in periodic e-mail sending call report model
– Solved problem with great call report results computing

Fixed on GUI PC
– A new phonebook contact added with preferred option checked doesn\’t work
– Solved ambiguity in hot key configuration
– Pasting a number in call field doesn\’t enable call button
– Call report doesn\’t update when GUI was switched on for more than a day
– Voicemail messages show phonebooc contact name if calling number is saved
– Wrong e-mail address management by vocemail manager
– Wrong parking lines monitor management
– Disabled options menu on call active if there are no actions allowed

Added on PBX
– Call parking and blind call transfer timeout configuration

Added on GUI
– Remote assistance link added to GUI icon menu from icontry
– Automatic switching to audio device when on-hook state is recognized

VOIspeed 6.5.19

Fixed on PBX
– Problem on recording a call coming from a gateway with G.729 codec to a busy group
– Number mapping doesn\’t work routing external call

Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Blank space in gateway prefixes doesn\’t work
– Users list in WAN gateway monitoring closes automatically even if page refresh is disabled

Fixed on GUI PC
– Outgoing call to a number mapped by a mapping rule after a call already actived doesn\’t show managing call buttons
– Group messaging doesn\’t work

Fixed on GUI HTML5
– on mobile version root of department\’s three doesn\’t open correct user group

VOIspeed 6.5.16

Fixed on PBX
– If a call is diverted to a voicemail during its recording, voicemail doesn\’t produce a vocal message
– Call Pick up on external calls has one way audio
РDiverting an external incoming call to a landline number has one way audio

Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Sorting by duration on call report doesn\’t work
– Trash icon on web player in recorded calls report doesn\’t work
– There was no consistency check on user PIN manually modified
– During new user creation if \”Account details notification\” is setted to \”Do not send\”, system sends the email anyway
– Voicemail to multiple mail addresses doesn\’t work
– \’Group profile\’ and \’Advanced settings\’ in \’Create single-user groups\’ doesn\’t work

Fixed on GUI PC
– On MySQL based installations \”Who called whom\” doesn\’t show details
– Right click to send a message to a user doesn\’t work if the user icon is not focused
– Adding new phone number to a phonebook contact doesn\’t work
– Inconsistent value passed in Integra client event !07 when the call is forwarded to a group

Fixed on GUI HTML5
– Status change on this GUI resets settings of divert status

VOIspeed 6.5.10

Fixed on PBX

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